My Time with the Talk Project

This year, I have had the privilege to attend some Talk Project meetings. The Talk Project is a program of the Los Angeles Branch of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) aimed at encouraging and destigmatizing the discussion of stopping sexual violence on high school campuses. On a Wednesday night, I joined the NCJW and the Talk Project for a screening of the documentary Audie & Daisy and a talk by FBI Special Agent Amy Whitman. The documentary is about the traumatic experiences of two sexual assault victims, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman. Both had very different stories. In 2012, 15 year old Audrie Pott was at a party in Saratoga, CA where she was sexually assaulted and pictures of the ordeal were posted online. Tragically, she was cyber-bullied to the point of committing suicide. The same year in Maryville, Missouri, 14 year old Daisy Coleman and 13 year old Paige Parkhurst were sexually assaulted at a small gathering. Their peers were distrustful, courts injudicious, and severe cyberbullying ensued. Daisy went through serious depression, attempting suicide at one point. The film shows lapses in the justice system and the deadly consequences of cyberbullying. Following the film was a talk and Q&A with FBI Special Agent Amy Whitman, covering statistics and types of cyberbullying.


After reading Missoula by Jon Krakauer and learning that sexual assault happens in my neighborhood, I have grew increasingly concerned with sexual violence and I feel it is my duty to do more and join the fight to end it. I plan on learning more, continuing, and expanding my involvement with sexual violence issues in the future.


The Talk Project has become a great starting point for me with its friendly, and welcoming atmosphere. I would like to thank Alexa Schwartz of the NCJW and the people who make the project a reality.


Ben Libeskind


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