Dinner at the Alexandria House

On Monday, May 1st, we set our collective record for most people fed with one meal at around twenty five.

We cooked the meal for the women and children of Alexandria house, one of our community parters. Alexandria house is a transitional shelter in Koreatown for women and children who are in the process of moving from emergency shelters to permanent housing. We came home from our internships early that day and prepared three large lasagnas, a tray of garlic steamed broccoli and a large salad. We were greeted warmly and hospitably as soon as we entered. We allowed ourselves twenty minutes in advance to set up a buffet in their kitchen.

We said grace with them (it seemed rude to let them know we didn’t do that normally) and introduced ourselves over dinner. We met some interesting and friendly women of all ages and after dinner. The children invited us to play with them in the remarkable play area built into the house’s backyard. We ended our time at Alexandria house with a game of tag where we each had a child on our shoulders. My shoulders were the most popular and, as a result, the most sore the next day. I didn’t mind, though. The soreness reminded me of a great evening.


Gabe Melmed


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