The Big Bang Theory


A couple of weeks ago, we got the chance to see a live taping of the Big Bang Theory! I was thrilled! This show has always been something close to me because it was the first television series that I watched as a teenager that showed me funny and smart women.
When we arrived, we all got to sit in the front two rows, and we waited anxiously for the show to begin. Most of the scenes took place in the living room, which was right in front of us, so we could see everything perfectly! Seeing it up close was not only very entertaining but also educational, I saw how much work and time went into only one episode. We also got a surprise and Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, and Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard came up to the audience and thanked us for always supporting them through everything.
Not only did we get to see the live show, but at the end of the taping,  Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy and is a Tzedek America board member, showed us around the set. I learned that the people in the background have to work extra hard to make sure that everyone on screen looks and sounds perfectly.
Getting to see this show was huge for me. I’ve always wanted to be an actress, and I think it was important for me to see how much work being one is. I feel very lucky that I was able to go to this, and I have a brand new respect for everyone who works on television.

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